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Countertop warping

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  • Countertop warping

    Recently moved into a place with a laminate countertop but that has a wooden front edge. Along this edge there is a few places where the countertop and the wood underneath are warped and pushing up. Any thoughts?
    Click image for larger version

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    my thoughts there is the material for the counter top is not medium density fiberboard but standard osb [oriented strand board] and has absorbed water and expanded.


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      Yep without any doubt that is a water based issue (probably on chipboard) you can see the darkening of the chipboard in the effected area as well you can see water staining on the oak trim and that looks to be right in front of the sink.
      Bad news is there is nothing you can do to repair this damage, it will not go back down. If you can live with it like it is, run a small bead of clear silicone along that damaged edge to help prevent further damage.
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        Looks like some water got in there and made itself a new home. Unfortunate, but completely fixable! Have you looked around and gotten a price check on what it would cost to get repaired? Or would it be cheaper just to have new one made?


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          counter top

          how do you figure "fixable?" the entire formica top would have to be removed. the high areas sanded down flat and a sealer be painted on. then the whole top would have to be re-glued. fixable, yeah, maybe but not for the home dyi-er.