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How do I remove countertop caulking?


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  • How do I remove countertop caulking?

    1st two pics caulking still entirly in place, Second 2 pics most has been scrapped away, but it still needs more cleaning.

    Gasoline dont work. I dont know what type of caulking was used. Im afraid that all my scraping has mared up the counter and Id rather not scrap anymore.

    Any ideas?

    (NO url allowed, so I cant show you the pics)

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    First....STOP using any flammable liquids! Many bad stories (all true...) about the vapors being ignited by water heaters or furnaces.... the issue of removing the counter top.... Pull out the drawers and check the underside of the face opening. Sometimes there are screws at a slight angle in them holding the counter front. Also, check at the corners inside the cabinets. Often times there are angle blocks on the cabinet walls that have a screw through them into the counter top.


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      I think I misread your post. You wanted to know how to remove the caulking, not the whole counter. Dummy me. I know there are solvents, even for silicone, but I don't know what they are. Sorry for the mix up. Someone who knows will be along to help you....


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        Denatured alcohol will remove water based caulk and silicone with a little elbow grease and dries quickly and doesnt leave a film to keep new caulking from adhering


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          Useful, I was wondering whether to recaulk or start from fresh by removing old caulking. Is it considered lazy and rubbish to just go over what is there?