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  • reusse hardwood flooring

    I have a chance to get 800Aq. Ft. of slightly used hardwood flooring. I was thinking of laying it out in section and glueing it together to make cablinets or shelving out of. I would think with T&G glued it would be a strong board afterwards. Am I just blowing in the wind or would this work?

    Is there any other use of hardwood flooring except on the floor?

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    it should work, a planner would come in handy though
    Is it beer thirty??


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      Sure! Recycling good wood is way righteous. Heck, way back when I was in college I was given a few ancient barn boards the dulcimer-making club had left over after everyone had taken their share. The boards were a dingy blackish gray and showed clearly that the barn had been inhabited by livestock for a loooong time. After planing off the weathered outer layers, what was inside was beautiful old oak. Still a bit smelly but not unpleasant. I used mine to make a primitive but usable synthesizer keyboard. (The traditionalist Appalachian dulcimer makers thought that was pretty funny.)

      A month or two later I turned half an inch of one fingertip into sliced salami using that same college-owned jointer-planer, but that was another project. My stupidity, justice was served.

      So: yeah. Use it and collect full marks for frugality and efficiency.


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        Originally posted by sugarloafthree View Post
        Am I just blowing in the wind or would this work?


        No way to the former, and for sure to the latter.

        When in school way back when, I took "Wood Shop" for 4 years and "Wood Production" for 1 year.

        Anyway: jointing, planing, gluing, clamping, and cutting to size were used extensively for every project we did. Whether it was a nice set of salad bowls, end grain oak meat cutting boards, cherry speaker cabinets or the beginner bird feeder project that was the process we used. I'd personally love to get a hold of it. I currently have a bathroom pantry project on the drawing board and the plank look would suit my wife’s beach scene decor perfectly. However I was thinking Oak... You never mentioned the species of hardwood.

        You've got to love remodeling your Castle!


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