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  • table counter top

    I have seen on HGTV where they take an old table and make it into a counter top. Can anyone help me with that? I want to revamp my computer/craft room and use an old table for the counter top.

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    Fairly simple, remove the top from your existing table, they are usually nailed down with small nails, remove the legs from the old table, cut it to be the size and shape you want, nail it in position.

    Now having said that there are many variables to this and for the best and most accurate advise we would need a little more information about your existing table you are using now and the one you want to use, sizes, materials they are made of (ply, solid wood......).
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      table top counter

      Thanks for the start. The table is an old farm table. too wiggly and big to use as a table anymore, but I have seen where they take a table, cut it in half and make a work space with it with cabinets underneath. Any suggestions on where to find directions, I also need to miter a corner with the two pieces.


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        I would look around on Google to see if you can find anything.


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          Table miter...

          I had a uniqe kitchen counter that needed two angles cut on the same end, neither of which was standard. I took my purchased units to a kitchen counter fabrication shop for the work. They were very willing to work with me on this and did a most excellent job. I suggest you verify the miter you need so it will match the angle of the walls. Sometimes they are not a true 90*. Approach a local cabinet shop with a request for help on your project. They may want some reassurance their saw blades won't catch any nails, so verify that also.