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Concrete counter tops


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  • Concrete counter tops

    Never tried concrete counter tops. Can anyone reccomend a good site for detailed step by step instructions with illustrations. Need start to finish even finish options. Thanks

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    never heard of concrete counter tops. don't even know how you'd polish it. clear silicone sealer and clear urethane about the only way to cover it. I dunno!


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      There are many options when making your own countertops from concrete, BEWARE it is not as easy as 1....2....3. Try looking at they have some info. on them.
      From experience I have to say a couple of things:
      1. All your form work MUST be well secured and level.
      2. Once you start mixing pouring the concrete you cannot stop, so make sure you have a good plan of attack and that no one counter top is bigger than you can handle in one go.
      3. Pick your stain carefully, once it's added , that's changes are possible.
      4. When adding the stain to the mix make sure you use exactly the same amount each time you make a batch, nothing worse than odd/funky color differences between the mixes.
      5. Make sure you trowel out the top well, the more you trowel it the smoother better finish (less porous) the finished surface will be.
      6. Concrete sealers specially designed for counter tops are available at your local concrete supply company.

      *** depending on your particular counter top it may be necessary to add some re bar to the mix to help strengthen the counter top.

      HINT:...Make up a small "mock" counter top and mix a small batch and use this to practice on, it needs only be 2'x2'. This way you can practice your troweling and finish before you actually pour one in your kitchen.
      Little about a lot and a lot about a little.
      Every day is a learning day.