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  • door issue

    I am having a problem with my door. The part that keeps the door closed until you turn the knob is stuck inside the door so that I have to keep it propped shut. How do I get the thing working properly again?

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    what you have is called a "passage lockset." what you relate to is the inside knob and the outside knob hardware is not aligned or is rubbing against the wood cutout. remove the screws from the inside knob. pull out the knob and the outside knob and check the depth of the lockset. it should be centered in the 2 inch hole. you may need to chisel out a little bit of wood so its centered. try that and get back to us.


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      If it was working but now is not, remove the two door knobs and try adding a little WD40 or the like to the mechanism inside the door section, often these can seize up.
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