Hi All,

I'm a handyman for repair and maintenance of Section 8 and other low-rent properties. The tenants can be very destructive at times.

Right now, I need to replace some kitchen cabinets. If I buy the cheap stuff, the particle board will start disintegrating within a few years of rough wear. If I install higher end cabinets, they will take damage in 5 to 10 years. Surely there is something available that will withstand rough use?

The very best stuff I have seen so far is enameled metal cabinets. One of the rentals the owners have is a cottage from the 1950's. These cabinets actually lasted over 50 years under heavy use before they were replaced. They looked exactly like this:

These are no longer built as far as I can tell. Is there anything made today that approaches the durability of these units? Maybe something made from concrete? Something else?

Sure would appreciate any thoughts and ideas.