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Shrinkflation - Toilet roll length getting shorter


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  • Shrinkflation - Toilet roll length getting shorter

    I found a small pack of toilet rolls hidden away in the back of a wardrobe. Don't know how long it had been there but I'm guessing 8 years. I had previously thought toilet rolls were getting shorter, so out of interest, I compared it with a newer pack. The old one has an average of 241 sheets per roll, the new one has 200 sheets per roll.

    What else are people finding we are paying the same or more for and getting less?‚Äč

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    many consumers are noticing similar trends across various products. From food items to household goods, it's becoming increasingly common to pay the same or more while receiving less. This phenomenon, known as "shrinkflation," is a subtle tactic used by manufacturers to mitigate rising production costs without overtly increasing prices you must check out the article what is toilet roll circumference. It's a reminder to stay vigilant and pay attention to product sizes and quantities, as what may seem like a good deal at first glance might not be as generous as it appears.