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  • Another approach to charging...

    Okay, this is about charging the battery on my tractor. I posted before and did try the bridge rectifier/diode as HayZee suggested. My apparent inability to follow proper direction is shining through, as I could not get it to work. So...(HayZee ?) I need more help. Would it be possible to put a diode on each of the ac lines and then running those to a standard (old Ford type..) voltage regulator? I know there's the requirement for filed/armature tabs....would it still work if I connected the diode controlled leads to that regulator? And the output to the battery positive?

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    I think your system needs a bridge rectifier will convert the AC voltage into DC voltage coming off a will charge the battery the other lead coming off it would go to the head lights and the fourth through the safety system most of this will go through the key switch first. If you have the exact model number and serial number of your tractor you should be able to go online someplace and find a manual for it. It will more than likely not be no charge. It's in Portland at this point to see if schematic otherwise you could try many different connections and end up blowing fuses or damaging your ignition coils. Briggs & Stratton offered different bridge rectifier's and regulator rectifier's with their engines