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capacitor wiring old vs. new AC fan blower motor

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  • capacitor wiring old vs. new AC fan blower motor

    I just bought a replacement AO Smith (Grainger item # 6TWK8) 3/4-1/5HP blower motor for the evaporator of my AC system. The new motor has two brown wires where my old GE unit had only 1. The original wiring had the white common (power) wire connect to one side of the cap and the solid brown wire to the other. The wiring diagram on the new motor doesn't show any of the power wires connected to the cap, but shows the brown and brown/white stripe wires both connected to the cap. Does this mean I don't connect the white wire there, and only use the two brown wires from the motor? Secondly, which side of the capacitor drawing is considered the "common" side, the straight line or curved line?

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    connect the two brown wires to the cap.