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Occ sensor troubles


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  • Occ sensor troubles

    Hey all,so I'm having some trouble with an occupancy sensor in my building, over the last 2 months its gotten continually worse. first off its a motion occupancy sensor wired to t8 2 lamp fixtures. and it was working fine for a long time. recently when i started coming in in the morning instead of coming on when i walk by it, the light will pop on for a second then shut off. but then when i walk by it again a few minutes later it would work. Now its not even doing that, when i walk or wave in front of the sensor the motion acknowledgment light comes on(small green light on the sensor) but the lights don't even flicker or come on at all usually. im pretty familiar with electrical and have been for some time but haven't ever had to work on a occ sensor before so i was hoping to get some pointers or suggestions to get me going in the right direction. thanks ahead of time for reading this and any helpful info !
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    if the sensor uses a standard relay to operate the load then there shouldn't be a problem. if the switching device is a triac, then there could be a problem. the triac is "gated" on by a pulse from the sensor t or near the applied ac voltage. a current dropping resistor is in series in the gating circuit. over time and heat generated, the resistor changes value rendering the triac useless.


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      thanks for the response HAY, and if it ends up being a problem with the resistor and triac just replacing the sensor might do the trick? i haven't even had the chance to pull the sensor down and look at it yet im swamped atm with other issues but when i get a chance ill post more info.