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Changing Ballast on Fluorescent Ceiling Light


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  • Changing Ballast on Fluorescent Ceiling Light

    Current layout of light in ceiling:

    2 Light tubes
    1 T12 Ballast

    2 Yellow
    1 Black
    1 White
    2 Blue
    2 Red

    2 Yellow are on one end; black/white midway; 2 blue and 2 red on other end, 1 blue and 1 red going to each side of end.

    New T8 Ballast:

    1 Black
    1 White
    other end has 2 Blue and 1 Red.

    Power is off, my main question is how to wire the new ballast as their are more wires in the existing setup. Tried looking for a video online with no luck. The diagram on the new unit does not show any yellow wires in the diagram and shows one red not 2 red that are on the existing ballast. Hope this is clear enough as I am stumped as to what to do for the connection. Black to black and white to white is easy enough. Thanks all.

    Added additonal info:

    The tombstones are 2 on each end separate. One side has the 2 yellow going to one, the other side has 2 red going to 1 and 2 blue going to the other. So is it a matter of cutting the existing yellow and capping, connect the 2 blue to the 2 blue and connect the 1 red to the 2 red and capping the connections?

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    what is your reason to switch from a T12 to a T8 ballast?


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      New Ballast

      Remove the old ballast, remove all wires and jumpers.
      Install a jumper on one end only. the red wire connects here.
      On the other end, one blue wire goes to each tombstone socket.
      The black and white connect to your wires coming into the fixture.
      the ballast is grounded through its fastening nut.Click image for larger version

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        This is at my work, they decided to do it this way. An electrical advised them and I am assigned to complete it to save money.


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          I really find the diagram awesome, thanks for that. Will post back once I finish my first one, have about 12 to do throughout the building.



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            Let there be light, all is up and running. Awesome folks, thanks kindly the next few well be fast and much easier.