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Ceiling fan keeps run after remote off button is pushed


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  • Ceiling fan keeps run after remote off button is pushed

    Recently my fan stays on even if I push the off button on my Versa Touch remote. If I take out the battery and leave it out for a while or use a spare battery it will turn off when pushing the off button on the versa. When the fan will not shut off it makes a weird sound like a cracking or humming sound. Normally this is not an issue and only makes this sound when it will not shutoff. Any ideas how to fix this issue.

    Fan: Casablanca S3 93045
    Remote: Casablanca Versa Touch

    When we purchased the home we found a second Versa Touch remote that is not being used, are this interchangeable or matched with each unit. If not i may be able to set the dips on the spare to the same position as the used one and it make just work but do not want to damage anything on the fan receiver end. Thanks for any help on this.

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    The remotes are interchangeable, you probably will have to set the internal slide switches to match the fan (or first remote).
    Have you tried a totally new battery in the first remote, often signs of a poor battery charge are buttons that won't work correctly.
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      remotes battery

      I would change out the battery annually. the battery is in the circuit all the time but isn't activated until a button is pressed.
      battery cells have a shelf life as they self discharge even if not used.


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        I'll pickup a new battery, good place to start. If that doesn't do it I will try the spare remote and set the dip switches to match the current one. Thanks .


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          Tried the new battery and it worked twice but won't shut off again. Took the battery out for a while and played around with the buttons after placing it back and go it shut off. One thing that I noticed is when it won't shut off you hear a humming sound on medium speed if it doesn't hum then it will usually shut off. Went to the store where it was purchased in our town but they are out of business. I tried out spare remote with the same dip switch settings but it wouldn't turn on at all, maybe that one is bad too not sure on that. What is the next step for me to follow to troubleshoot the issue. Thanks for any help.



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            fan control

            I know this might seem redundant but if you're willing to part with $20 and some shipping charges, go to the AMAZON DOT COM site and look at the following:
            Litex RC-103 RC-103 Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control, White.
            This should give your functionality back to you.


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              I located the receiver its inside the top of the main fan above the motor. Tricky to get at,if I purchase a universal remote/receiver kit can I simply install this under the cap that meets the ceiling where the main power comes in and just ignore the old receiver or does the old receiver need to be taken out and the new one placed in the same location.


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                fan remote control

                drop the canopy and make a diagram of where each wire goes. oh yeah, shut off power to the circuit that feeds the fan. it may be with some other lights in the house.
                compare the old wires with the new controller. they should be close with regards to color coding. fans usually have blue for lights, white for neutral and black or brown for the fan motor.
                yeah, I doubt you'll have enough room for two controllers in that canopy - remove the old one.


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                  1st image is the new location, just wondering if the old one can be left as is and just install the new one in the other spot.

                  2nd image is current location, you can see it through the vents just above the motor.

                  Click image for larger version

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                  Click image for larger version

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                    fan remote

                    you can leave it there if you want but if you run out of space, then I would remove the old controller. it wouldn't solve anything but take up valuable space under that canopy.


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                      Ceiling Fan Update

                      So i will be replacing the old receiver and remote with a a Versa Touch 2 W-72 and receiver kit. The instructions for the remote states:

                      "CAUTION! Do not use with wall dimmer or Rocker Switch." If the remote is used to control the fan is it okay to just leave the rocker wall switches as they are. Is this caution simply due to the fact that the remote is mounted/stored in a small shelf that attaches to the outside of the wall switch. The instructions are on plage 7 of the install sheet. I never used the Rocker Switch before to control anything so I am not quite sure on this part of the install. My plan was not to mount it on over the switch anyway and just leave the remote in the draw until we need to use it. Opinions are appreciated. Thanks for all the help so far.


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                        the fan control must have power all the time. that's why they say not to use a wall switch.
                        all functions of the fan and lights are by means of the remote push button.


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                          So when they say ""CAUTION! Do not use with wall dimmer or Rocker Switch."" that just simply means run the fan with the remote and not the wall switch?