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Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Kit


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  • Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Kit

    Decided to start a new thread on my ceiling fan. Well I removed the bad receiver as you can see in the images. The casablanca receiver is basically plug and play install but the universal ones for sale at the local hardware stores have alot less wires. The main question i have is how to wire the universal remote kit in the same area of the old one. As you can see by the images the large square plug from the old receiver has several different wire colours plugged into the back: red, black, yellow, pink, grey and white. Do I just match up the universal remote kit wires and ignore this square plug? Added a pic of the current remote, may add some light on all those wire to to square plug.
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    I can't compare the old with the new unless you post a picture of it. to even try is worthless and might even burn out the replacement.