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No power at outlets but breaker is ok??


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  • No power at outlets but breaker is ok??

    Hi, my issue is with a line with three outlets. It's a simple line with no boxes between the outlets. I checked all three outlets with a voltage meter and there is no power to any of them. I took off the plates and checked the lines coming in also. They all had no power. I then checked the breaker with the voltage meter and that showed power. I assume that there must be an issue between the breaker and the first outlet. I checked all the wires that I could see and they all look ok. There is a space of about 4 feet that the wire is in the wall.

    Not sure if these two things are related, but I am having a problem with my AC unit. When it goes on some light dim or go out all together. Then the blower motor started cycling on and of every few seconds. I have a home service contract for it, so they will be coming out this Wednesday. Butu this issue with the outlets has me worried. Any help would be great!

    Thanks - Joe

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    pull the first receptacle completely out of the box and check for power here with a multi-meter. then check for continuity between that box's wires and the next one downstream just to confirm that is where the wires are going.
    you can check this with power on, just be very careful.


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      Thanks, I've been doing that. I found out there was a GFI outlet first in line, that I thought was on another line. The GFI was tripped and was causing the rest of the outlets to have no power. All seems ok now. Thanks again!