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  • Wire nomenclature....

    I'm installing a well pump about 500' from the house. I know to use #10 copper, but would like to know the nomenclature for it. The thnn stuff throws me. So...I want a #10 black and white with ground, direct burial for the application. What do I ask for? It will run 230/240 volts.

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    use 10/2 uf with ground. this thermoplastic is rugged. wait till you try to strip the jacket in zero temperatures! don't let the white wire color throw you. simply put a piece of black tape at each end of the white and it magically becomes a hot wire.


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      I did similar, HayZee....I used red tape, tough.... The job is finished and the well pump is working FINE!!! Thanks for the help...


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        when wiring any "distance" from a house, say a well pump, look at the nameplate for amperage or watts. you'll have to calculate for amps. take the power in watts and divide it by voltage to get amps. now for distance to find out what wire size you'd use. say a well pump rated at 25 amps. automatically you would figure a #10 ga to pass 25 amps. but consider this you got 25 amps out and 25 amps back. total 50 amps. 10 ga won't safely pass 50 amps. #6 will pass 65 amps. so your feeder to the pump should be #6 for a 25 amp load. next to figure is no more than a 3% voltage drop per 100 feet of distance. your well pump is 400 feet from the house. 240 volts @ 400 feet would be 3+3+3+3 is 12%. 12% of 240 is 240 minus 28 volts is 212 volts. wire size would have to be increased to allow the 240 to pass safely.


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          Thanks, Hayzee....