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Transfer switch questions...


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  • Transfer switch questions...

    Many connectivity issues with Frontier internet, so I will be brief. Installing a 200A transfer switch. On/off/on. It has one hole in the top and two knockouts on the bottom. Is it incorrect to run service through the sides? ... Transfer switch schematic shows only hots going in and out, while the ground (neutral) is shown to be on the outside of the transfer switch case. Is the case purposely not grounded? What size wire (copper) for 100A service?

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    Another question that's just a 'need-to-know....why are transfer switches cabinets so large?


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      Transfer switches are of the double pole, double throw configuration. The load (house) goes on the center lugs, the normal supply goes up top and the auxillary power goes on the bottom lugs. Only the power is switched. The neutral is not. There should be a neutral lug bar inside that is not bonded to the case. An earth ground is up to the user.
      Nobody knows how big or small the wiring is so they pick an odd size for the enclosure to allow bending space.
      100 amp is #4 copper and 200 amp is 2/0 copper. Aluminum is always one size larger.
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        Thanks, HayZee.....