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  • Breaker upgrade?

    Hey everyone, It seems every time we have the microwave, Toaster, and Coffee maker running at the same time our breaker trips. Is there a way to upgrade the breaker to prevent this? or any other options.

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    Seems that is a heavy load for the one breaker, you need to separate the load to a different circuit, changing the breaker to a new one of the same amperage might help but the circuit is overloaded to begin with, if the circuit is a 15 amp you have too much draw on that circuit, the circuit needs to be a 20 amp, but just changing the breaker to a higher amperage without upgrading the wiring will just result in burning your house down, as the wiring cannot handle the load and will heat up and start to burn in the walls.
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      As a rule most if not all kitchen circuits should be 20 amp. Lighting is generally 15 amp. Most houses now-a-days are all wired with 12 gauge wire.