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Crackling coming from light switch


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  • Crackling coming from light switch

    Most times when I turn on the light switch in my bathroom I hear a crackling noise coming from the switch. Is there anyway I can fix this myself? Should I be concerned or is this typical?

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    I don't know if this is the same thing but most of our light switches spark when I flick them on / off. I've noticed this most with my basement light. I don't hear any noise though. I guess it's Night Night if we have a gas leak.


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      A crackling sound in a light switch is a prime indicator of burned or charred contacts that are causing an arcing condition. This is a common problem for electrical contacts in a high humidity area such as a bathroom. That switch should be changed as soon as possible.


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              since switches in the bathroom are not sealed, humidity will get inside and the silver contact surface will slightly corrode. The pinpoint area that is clean will spark because of the load and will gradually destroy itself. A quiet switch uses an encapsulated contact of mercury and a ceramic insulator. The two sides of this pellet contact a wiper for your line and load of the switch. Not being exposed, this type of switch may last longer.


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                Thank you for your help. I appreciate it very much!