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2 Transformers on the same 15A circuit OK?


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  • 2 Transformers on the same 15A circuit OK?


    I'm remodeling my kitchen, and I wired a new 15A circuit just for the kitchen lighting. I have 2 fixtures from Hampton Bay - one flex track lighting unit (12V with transformer built in), and one halogen chandelier (also 12V with transformer built in). I have them on the same 3-way switch. Switched power runs in to the track lights' transformer, and then from there to the chandelier transformer. There shouldn't be any problem with this, should there?

    Everything had worked fine for a few weeks until last night. I moved the switch box into the newly framed wall (it had already been wired, and temporarily fixed to a stud on another wall). It still worked for a while, then when I went to turn on the lights later, nothing happened. I heard a faint crackling from the switch box, and ran downstairs to turn off the circuit. I haven't had time to open up the switch box and check the wiring, (I'm assuming that's where the problem lies) -- I just wanted to make sure that there was nothing wrong with having 2 12V transformers on the same 15A circuit like I set it up. Can anyone verify this for me??


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    Is one of the three ways a dimmer? If it is, could be the square wave output from the dimmer isn't compatible with the transformer which is used to seeing the full 60 cycle power, not a chopped waveform.


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      Nope. Just regular 3-way switches.


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        Then it should not be a problem. It worked before, it should work now. I can't think of anything that would make it malfunction now. Larger step down transformers are fused both on the secondary and primary windings, this small voltage xfmr - almost like a bell transformer doesn't have fusing in its secondary or primary and depend on the feeder breaker to protect it.