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No electric in one room


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  • No electric in one room

    need to find out how to find out what is wrong , i have one room in my house with no electricity. but rest of house has it, changed out breaker for that room did not help. lin

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    What happened that the electricity stopped. Were you running a vacuum cleaner in the room? I'm gonna guess you have a loose connection on this circuit. If you have any receptacles that have the wires stuck in the little holes in the back of them, remove the wires from these holes and wrap them around the screws on the sides. These backstabbed holes are the cause of lots of loose wires.

    The loose connection could be anywhere, so start with checking the last WORKING receptacle on this circuit and work out from there. You could also test for a voltage reading at the output of the breaker, if there's 120 volts then check all junction box's and fixtures. Pull on the wires, check under wirenuts, etc. Let us know what you find.