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  • Buss fuses

    How can I tell what size buss fuses to use in our panel? I'm worried I'll put too large of fuse in and cause a fire...

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    also, I see there are different types of plug fuses....Type S, Type T, TL, and Time Delay. How do I decide what kind?


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      Can you tell what the gauge of wire is that is attached to the fuse? What size fuse was in there to begin with?


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        the type of fuse depends on the load on the circuit. a motor instance would go on a time delay fuse. and as kactus stated the size wire would be an indicator of the size - 15, 20 etc.


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          I guess I'll have to remove the panel cover to check wire gauge. There are no indications on the front about anything.

          Also, one of the glass top fuses is stuck and I can't get it out. Any recommendations short of killing the power and taking a pair of channel locks to it?


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            Could try the channel locks but be CAREFUL you dont wreck the fuseholder itself or you may be in really deep you know what.... Perhaps its time to consider having the panel changed out to one that contains breakers!



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              Fuses have a problem of getting welded into the socket. Shut off your main. Put a screwdriver tip on the glass center and rap it with a hammer to break the fuse. (wear gloves and safety glasses) Remove the glass pieces with needle nose pliers. Remove the shell (screw in part) by peeling it back, twisting it back towards the center. Make sure you haven't gripped the fuseholder shell with the pliers. Once this is out the center contact may have welded itself to the contact center of the fuseholder. with patience you can remove this.
              clean out all the glass pieces and junk metal - blow it out and replace with a suitable fuse. OR like kactus said consider replacing your whole panel with breakers.


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                Ok, I asked an electrician I know about the situation today, and he volunteered to come by and take a look. He took a pair of channellocks and tapped on the fuse then turned it. As you said it had welded a bit to the socket. We put in a new fuse, and all is good. He looked over my panel and told me what size fuses I can use on each circuit. He said that our panel looks great for a fuse box, and he thought we were fine running with it. I also hae 3 empty circuits I can use for expansion should I ever need to. He agreed with some folks, saying a properly configured fuse box is better than a circuit breaker.

                Thanks for the help!