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Help With Touch N Go Garage Opener

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  • Help With Touch N Go Garage Opener

    In the recent cold spell, our Touch N Go garage door operator, chain drive,
    model 1000 will not work.
    The motor will not activate with push button switch or with the remote.
    The two lights on the unit flash on and off about every 4 seconds.

    I can not find the instructions. I have unplugged the unit serveral times,
    then plugged it back in. No luck.

    Any ideas??

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    If this is anything like a genie garage door opener, there's a reset either on the motor or the unit. as far as the pushbuttons go, the unit can be reprogrammed by pushing a button on the unit and one pushbutton on the remote from within close proximity to the unit. the flashing lights indicate an error


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      Garage door opener

      Thanks for the ideas. I removed the cover, thinking it might be
      a fuse but could see no fuse. I will look on the motor for a button,
      and try pushing the remote as well. I am hoping it is a matter of
      resetting the unit, as the rest of it looks ok, ie chain, motor did not
      smoke, etc.
      More tomorrow and thanks again.


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        Touch N Go opener

        I removed the cover. There is no button on the motor, nor on the
        control board.
        I think this unit is toast.
        Other ideas most welcome.


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          Will search for the manual. Will get more info about the unit,
          Touch N Go, model 1000, chain drive, one third horsepower motor.
          I think the door go a bit hung up on the ice at the bottom and the
          control unit is torched. There was no smoke, and the drive train looks


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            I found the technical manual, M-104672, from Overhead Door,
            Dallas, Texas.
            The unit is 20 plus years old.
            The matrix of trouble shooting provides no clues for me.
            I called the local garage door man and he said he would not work
            on it or check it--too old, ie the opener.

            I am about ready to replace it.



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              I have almost the exact same thing happening with my garage door opener. Only mine is only about 3 years old.


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                For openers...

                Hey Mark- If you do end up replacing that opener, I have a neighbor who'd love to talk to you about getting your old remote(s). He's got the same opener, and no remotes. Let me know if you still have 'em.



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                  I have an old touch n go 1000a that works perfectly as far as motor and assembly with exception of a small plastic connector that broke. If you want it come get in in Richmond Tx or pay for shipping and it is yours for no charge


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                    the OP is way back in Feb of 2007. You think he'll even remember the thread he opened?


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                      Anyone got a manual for Touch N Go 1000

                      I'd appreciate one if anyone has it. Please let me know. Thanks


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                        RE Anyone got a manual for Touch N Go 1000 Never mind

                        I called the company and they emailed me one. If anyone needs it let me know. By the way I read these are no longer made due to federal restrictions. Does anyone know why?