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  • Full Breaker Box

    I need to run a new outlet, but I noticed my breaker box is full. What are my options? I want it to be on its own breaker. I can put in a new breaker box, but that is a lot of trouble. I guess I could combine some of the other breakers, but that might overload. Do I have any other options?

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    I've heard of piggy backing breakers but it might depend on what your going to use the outlet for. I had a friend do that to one of my breakers and he had my pc and home theatre outlets wired to it. It didn't cause any problems and that is alot of power consumption.


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      I won't kid ya I'm not an electrician nor do I play one on TV but I've seen dual breakers that have two little bat handles in the form factor of a single breaker each with its own attachment screww for a circuit. Has anyone had any experiance with these?


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        OK, that makes sense. I know exactly what you are talking about. I didn't know that those had seperate attachment screws. Thanks!