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"Short" in Sony TA-AV411

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  • "Short" in Sony TA-AV411

    Hi All!!

    I have an intermitent short in my Sony TA-AV411. I thought the issue might be in the Right Chanel Board as the right chanel is low and scratchy. I switched the two boards and it is the same. I then shook the unit and both chanels came through sounding great - for a few seconds. How do I trace the short down?? As the unit is almost 20 years old it doesn't pay to have it professionally done so I don't mind working on it myself and learning something in the process!! Are there common areas of failure to look at first or must I trace the signal from Power Cord on down?? Many thanks.....MB

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    if your board was SHORTED it would not operate. you'd see smoke as it burns up.
    what you have is an intermittent open. start moving components around one at a time. when you find the loose component you'll get your volume. just re-solder the connection.


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      Your terminology is correct. "Shorted" would indicated what you stated. Thanks for the correction and the "fix". I'll let you know what I find. Do I start with the main board or start elsewhere?? MB


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        start in an area that moves around a lot - volume and tone controls, speaker switches, speaker binding posts, plugs and jacks. maybe the boards plug into one another.