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kitchen outlet problems


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  • kitchen outlet problems

    I have an outlet (call it #1) in my kitchen that doesn't seem to work properly (appliances works fine using an outlet in a different room)
    Note it was working for a while when I first moved in.

    I am using a portable electrical burner to cook with since I don't have a stove yet.
    It has a power light, a heat light, and a dial/knob that turns heat on and controls the temperature.

    The way it's supposed to work is:
    1. plug device into outlet ... the power light turns on.
    2. turn control dial to any temperature ... a click sound is heard, the heat light turns on (both lights on at this point), and the coil starts heating up.

    What happens is:
    The power light turns on when the device is plugged in as expected.
    I turn the knob and hear the click sound.
    Instead of the heat light turning on, the power light shuts off and the coil never heats up.
    If I turn the knob back to the off position, the click is heard again and the power light turns back on.

    The burner works as expected when I use an extension cord with an outlet in another room.
    A toaster oven behaves similarly (power light is on; shuts off when I turn the temperature up and hear a click; light turns back on when I turn the temp down).

    The wiring is supposedly correct according to one of those 3 prong outlet testers (has 3 lights; indicates things like open ground/neutral/hot and reversed ground/neutral wiring).

    I have two other outlets in the kitchen.
    Outlet #2 has no power (3 prong tester doesn't light up at all).
    Not sure if this is in the same circuit as #1 or #3.

    Outlet #3 works but when I plug my little refrigerator and chest freezer into it, the breaker trips sometimes causing these two appliances to stop working.
    Also not sure if this is part of the same circuit as #1 or #2.
    *3 prong tester shows open ground.
    My workaround for #3 is to use an outlet in a different room by using an extension cord + power strip.

    Anyone have any ideas on why #1 is not working correctly (or stopped working after a while)?
    Is it the open ground issue with #3 (even though nothing is currently plugged into it)?