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Lights go out unless I turn more things on


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  • Lights go out unless I turn more things on

    This is in my horse barn (small 25x30). I run a 100' of 3-wire medium gauge electrical cable from my house. This has worked fine for 10 years but this fall, when I turn on the barn lights to clean stalls (3 LED bulbs) they light fine, then after 15-30 minutes start dimming and at about one hour go completely dark. If I plug in the 18" electric fan (summer) everything goes back to full power and stays at full power until I turn the fan off, then 15-30 minutes later the dimness returns. I use a small 6" 25 micro LED light in stalls to clean and it flickers like a strobe when the power dims. We're having snow tonight so I don't need the fan on. Electric heated water bucket season is just around the corner, to any advice would be welcome. Thanks.