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Lights go out unless I turn more things on


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  • Lights go out unless I turn more things on

    This is in my horse barn (small 25x30). I run a 100' of 3-wire medium gauge electrical cable from my house. This has worked fine for 10 years but this fall, when I turn on the barn lights to clean stalls (3 LED bulbs) they light fine, then after 15-30 minutes start dimming and at about one hour go completely dark. If I plug in the 18" electric fan (summer) everything goes back to full power and stays at full power until I turn the fan off, then 15-30 minutes later the dimness returns. I use a small 6" 25 micro LED light in stalls to clean and it flickers like a strobe when the power dims. We're having snow tonight so I don't need the fan on. Electric heated water bucket season is just around the corner, to any advice would be welcome. Thanks.

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    LED fluorescent bulbs have power supplies. Power supplies are sensitive to temperature and voltage. How old are the bulbs? A fan and heater will change the voltage on the line and may effect them. Change the bulbs.


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      Okay. Thank you. I will try that. It has been fine through the colder months when the electic heated buckets have been plugged in but that season is coming to an end soon. One of the local electricians suggested changing out the cord in case the cords were getting moisture in them. Anything is worth trying. Thanks again. We have lots of bulbs and I'll try the newer style. When I think about it, my former bulbs were the old incandescent type 100 watt.