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  • Door Bell Wiring

    Hi Guys

    I have a question about wiring my doorbell. I bought a house in which the front door's door bell wasn't ringing loud enough, so I bought a new doorbell wired system.

    When I took the old doorbell chime off the wall i unhooked the wiring without checking which wire was connected where, and did not label them. Now I cannot seem to arrange the wires appropriately.

    From the wall, comes out two separate wires, which are each made up of 4 different wires (one green, one black, one yellow and one red). When I attach either the red or black (or both of them together) to the doorbell chime screw labelled "1" and either green or yellow (or both together) to the "Transformer" screw, the doorbell chime is always ringing without pushing the actual doorbell button. Otherwise its silent. I cant figure out the combo that makes the doorbell chime only when the button is pushed. Am I missing something here? Sorry my electrical knowledge is very poor!

    By the way on the doorbell chime there are 3 screws. It allows for a rear door doorbell and a front door so it has a "1" and "2" as well as a "Transformer" screw.

    On the doorbell BUTTON there are two screws, to one screw is red AND black; and to the other screw is a green AND yellow wire. Neither screw is labelled.

    Thanks so much!!!!

    My Mother-in-law is visiting and thinks I'm a complete dummy around the house now...

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    a door bell circuit [front and back door] consists of a power transformer with two terminals. one is common to the doorbell, the other is common to the push buttons. from each push button you have a return lead. one goes to the front terminal on the bell, the other goes to the rear terminal on the bell. you'll have to find out which pair comes from each door button location. an ohm meter is the easiest to use. put the range on RX1, short out the button at one location and look for continuity on the meter - the needle will swing full scale to zero. do the same with the other button. one wire from each button will go to the transformer "hot" wire.


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      Thanks I have tried that. The red and black wires I have screwed into the appropriate rear and front doorbell screws. The yellow and green from both buttons are screwed into the transformer screw on the door bell. However when I complete the circuit my door bell won't stop ringing regardless if the button is being pushed or not. What am I missing?


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        follow this diagram - should have no problem


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          Hi thanks for your helps so far. I've done the wires as the diagram shows. From the button a yellow and green wire go from the transformer screw to the transformer. Then from the transformer a yellow and green wires go to the transformer screw on the chime.

          A red and a black wire go from the front door button to the front screw on the chime.

          Once I complete that circuit the door bell chimes non stop regardless if the button is being pushed.



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            why do you complicate a simple circuit? take a three wire cable and run it from the chime to the transformer. take a two wire cable and run it from the back door to the transformer and another two wire from the front door to the transformer. now, say the three wire has a white, red, green complement. use the green as the common from the transformer to the chime common. Use the red as the front door screw on the chime and use the white as the back door. Now take the two wire from the back - red - white. at the transformer connect the two wire red to the three wire red. leave the white hanging for now. take the two wire from the front [red-white] connect the red to the white three wire going to the chime. Now take both whites of the two wire cables and connect to the remaining transformer wire.


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              I went to your original posting and tried to make heads n tails of it. I drew a diagram using your colors. Evidently the guy that wired it used two sets of telephone wire because the gauge is 24 ga and he thought lots of amps were gonna be used. [doesn't matter]
              The yellow wire is represented by the light brown because yellow is almost not visible in the "paint" drawing.
              Follow this diagram exactly and the chime should work


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                Hi there

                Thanks for the diagram. I followed it exactly and when connected the door bell rings continuously regardless if the button is being pushed or not. I'm starting to think of just purchasing a battery wireless unit.


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                  you are getting your wires all mixed up. remove what you have and just use wires with three colors in the cable set. bell wiring is simple!


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                    Wired doorbells are so complicate,I ever was mad for it.why not try a wirelss door phone,it's easy.


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                      wired doorbells are simple. if you don't have basic knowledge of circuits it will be difficult. doorbells are the easiest circuit to wire.