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Painting Laminate Counter Tops


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  • Painting Laminate Counter Tops

    In an effort to create a Faux Granite Countertop, I amusing Acrylic Paints dabbed on with a Sea Sponge, as seen on YouTube. I am planning on then coating with 5-10 coats of polyacrylic (won't yellow). But I don not know how long to let the\ pain dry (cure) before applying the laminate.

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    I hope you etched the laminate top first, that will give any paint you add on top a much better hold on the surface. I'm not sure about acrylic paints and laminate, but I would think that if you leave the paint 24 hours it should be dry enough to add poly to.
    You will have to read your paint direction to see if poly can be added over the top, some paints won't.
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