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  • Faux Ceilings

    I am trying to find someone who has finished their ceiling to look like old copper. I have seen in the tour of homes but do not know how to achieve the look. thanks


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    Hi there,

    Are you trying to replicate a copper "pressed pattern" or just a flat copper ceiling?

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      I did it over an old tin ceiling, so the texture aided my outcome.
      However I found that if you use a minimum of 3 color/ tones you may be fine. ( Get your base colors from an art supply store) I'd thin them out with a latex water base glaze. This will make your paint go further and make it more translucent. Plus you'll be able to add more copper and less. Inconsistancy will give you a more natural flow.
      I would start with a copper color first. It'll be intense, but you'll be muting it down with the following colors. Dry brush it here and there, not solid.
      It would be wise to practice on a piece of wood or sheetrock first.
      Then thin out a bronze color with the glaze. Again with different proportions of bronze and glaze and even mix some copper in some of the batches. Dry brush it on use a piece of wood or a palatte. The drier the better. It's monotonous but the final product will be nicer.
      Finally find a green shade that matches corroded copper, mix it with the glaze, and add some copper as well. Mix some brown or bronze with the glaze and do random dry brushing to break it up a bit.
      I would concentrait the green around the perimeter, and maybe round out the corners. Outline the green around lightfixtures and if there a disk under the light it would be a nice touch.
      If it looks to contrived. Dry brush over the whole thing with your glazed array of colors.
      Practice first and good luck