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painting my fireplace

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  • painting my fireplace

    I want to change the color of my fireplace, but was told by my contractor friend that I have to use special paint that will withstand the heat. Does anyone know of something like that, which could also look good? The fireplace is white brick it might even be faux brick.

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    check out places that have automotive high heat paints. or best yet go to the krylon home page. they manufacture aerosol paints - I'm sure they could steer you in the right direction. as far as the automotive paints go, they make VHT paints for manifolds that get way hotter then your fireplace.


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      Fireplace Repainting

      As far as repainting a fireplace goes-my wife and i shopped around and found this product called brick-anew. it is a multi-stage(but easy-you can do it in an afternoon)painting kit and it makes the brick fresh and new looking, but it still looks like brick-their site is wbrick-anewcom-- they also sent a cd that you can watch to do it step by step-i will say though, concentrate more on each brick individually than the cd tells you and is looks awesome-its also heat resistant!


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        Are you trying to paint inside the fireplace, where the fire would be? (the "fire-pit" so to speak) If you only want to paint the outside brick, most interior latex paints will work fine. As far as the fire pit, you would have to clean it exceptionally well, and use some kind of high-heat paint like described in earlier posts. But keep in mind, it would probably be discolored the very first time you had a fire in it. Probably the best idea would be to paint the outside, but not the actual fire-pit. One other thing to remember, once brick is painted, it can't be unpainted. Brick and masonry is very hard, if not impossible to strip paint from.


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          Heat Paint

          I realize this thread was started over a month ago and the original poster probably dealt with the situation already, but someone else may benefit.

          I recently had to re-color my wood stove and used a specialty high heat spray paint from Rust-Oleum. Got it at Lowe's. I only needed a flat black and they had black or white. Rust-Oleum probably has it in other colors if you need it. Contact them.
          Worked fine for me-no bubbling or flaking. I used it on the outside of the firebox, not on the brick.