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  • 'lap lines'

    I created 'lap lines' when trying to do a color wash touch up on my wall.
    What's the best way to fix it? My base color is summertime (eggshell) and the color wash is done in brownish tone.
    If I were to repaint the wall, what's the best way to avoid 'lap lines?
    Thank you in advance

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    try a 320 grit open coat aluminum oxide sandpaper with a palm sander. use a snap line and apply a blue masking tape along that line then paint. remove the tape before the paint is dry. when that coat is thoroughly dry use some more blue masking tape along the line and paint the other color. the thicknesses should be about the same so it won't show the lap line, it should butt up against the first paint coat.


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      two reasons you will get lap lines.

      one .. not keeping a wet edge
      second .. using different types of applicators.

      best way to fix is same as hayzee said also making sure to use the same applicator you used in the rest of the room.