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Solution for a wet basement


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  • Solution for a wet basement

    I am purchasing an older bungalow (built in the 40's). It has a full basement that has never been finished. I would like to finish this space for an additional bedroom and family room although my realtor informed me that most basements in the homes in this area are wet in the spring and fall. I don't think there has ever been standing water in the basement and there are no signs of water there now (it's March, the snow has melted, but we haven't had much rain), no signs of mold, but there are a couple of dryed water spots in a couple of areas. Is there a way to water proof a basement without going to the expense of installing a permiter tile around the house? Has anyone had any luck with any water proof sealers that are painted on the walls and floor?


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    There's a product called Drylock that you can paint on your walls that provide a waterproof seal.

    There are some additional measures you should take to ensure your basement stays dry. Make sure that the ground around the outside of your house is sloped away from the foundation. The slope should be atleast 1" for every 4 ft out from the foundation walls. Also ensure your gutters are not leaking and that your downspouts are extended far away from the foundation walls.

    If plans are to build a basement bedroom, then codes will require you to have an egress window for escape. Your local codes will dictate the dimensions of this