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Filling in busted concrete


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  • Filling in busted concrete

    I know someone who had some sewer work done. In the process the workers had to dig a hole in the foundation in the garage. Now it's time to fill in the hole, and I'm wondering...does someone make a sort of manhole cover or access panel that could be installed in the floor, to provide future access to the sewer line without busting up the concrete again? The sewer line is close enough to the wall that a manhole cover would not be in the path of a car parked on that side of the garage.

    On another note, is filling in the hole a suitable DIY project?

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    If it's not going to be driven over a cheap option would be to install an irrigation cover and concrete all the rest of the area. An irrigation cover will be the black plastic box that goes in the ground with the green lid cover, available in various sizes from big box stores or your local plumbing supply house.
    Yes it's a fairly easy DIY project (2 out of 10 on the scale), make sure you back fill the trench leaving about 6" (4" min) of space to the concrete level, I like to use rock instead of excavated soil, back filling with rock as it will not compact and gives a much better base for the concrete.
    Buy concrete in bags from lowes etc... mix it up wet but not supper sloppy, pour it into the area and with a trowel tamp it down a little, wait until it starts to set up (dry) and then using your trowel smooth it out. The idea is to get the concrete rocks to settle a little and bring the cement to the top, this is how you get a nice smooth finish.
    If your a little Leary of creating a mess on the existing concrete, use blue painters tape and tape off around the trench and tape down paper or a tarp or drop cloth.
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