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Laminate Hardwood Floors


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  • Laminate Hardwood Floors

    Thinking about rennovating my Kitchen with wood flooring (laminate). I was told that I could install the laminate over top of the existing tile floor. Versus full depth hardwood wher I would have to remove the tiles (and glue and mortar) from the subfloor. Is this accurate?

    Thanks for you replies.

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    While it's certainly not the ideal scenario yes you can install laminate over tile. You will need to make sure all the tiles are firmly attached (not loose) as it will be very annoying if when you walk on the installed laminate you here a crunching sound from below.
    Make sure you use premium under layment don not use the thin white foam, you should use the padding that looks like very thin carpet under layment it will be around the .45 cents/square foot.
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      Yes you can do that, but i suggest you not to do it yourself. Call the experts


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        Why? Laminate flooring is a pretty simple project. I put my own down in my previous house several years ago, put down about 400-500 sf in my mom's house a few years ago, did about 300 sf for my cousin a couple years ago, and have already purchased about 1000 sf for my current home to put down in place of the existing carpet.
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          Laminate flooring cannot ever be installed on existing tile floor. Wood are the idea subfloors. In some instances, you might be able to install your flooring over an existing floor, but it is important to check prior to installation if it is a suitable material.