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How to remove carpet glue, and gross bits of carpet pad, from subfloor?


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  • How to remove carpet glue, and gross bits of carpet pad, from subfloor?

    Hey all, just bought my first house, in Pennsylvania!

    Knew there was a ton of dog pee staining the floors when I bought it (what a vicious smell!) and planned to paint with Kilz to kill the smell and then put in new pre-finished HW flooring on top of it.

    Got the carpet & pad up and a few problems presented themselves, which need to be addressed before I can paint the floors.

    For simplicity, I made a link. You can see the pictures and my specific questions about these problems at this link:

    thegypsylights dot com/house

    I would appreciate any feedback on how best to handle this problem. Thanks!

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    I'd rent a floor sander. Then vacuum it really well. There are several products out that will remove that smell. Odor Ban is one of them. Spray it liberally on the floor and let it set to do it's work. Home Depot is one place to get by the gallon. After a week or so then use Kilz or any good sealer.


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      it would be best to lightly sand down the floor. the glue has hardened over time and will b a real "b****" to remove.
      and if the urine permiated the backer and rug [carpet] chances are that itrs gone into the wood too.
      you'll never get rid of the smell. kilz may do it. I don't know.


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        Use hydrogen peroxide to neutralize the smell and get rid of the stain. Pour it on there, let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Follow it up with baking soda for an hour or two. Sweep it up, If you are going to Kilz it use the shellac based Zinser primer.
        It's strong but it will cover dog pee, smoke etc.


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          Google Hilti floor scraper. Go to the local rent center and look for one. It's great and scrapes carpet, vinyl, glue, mortar etc.