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most effective padding for reducing impact noise


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  • most effective padding for reducing impact noise

    I live in a condo with creaky floors (we hear every footstep from upstairs), which we've slowly gotten used to in our time here. However, our neighbors recently bought a foosball table that has resulted in a serious amount of pounding from above. Fortunately, they've been very nice about it and are willing to put some padding under the table to reduce the impact. Can anyone recommend a good choice for this? I've seen a couple of things online recommending "elephant bark," has anyone used this? Has anyone done something like this and had good luck with other brands?

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    have you tried pads of quarter inch rubber? a lot of houses used three quarter tongue and groove plywood for floors. nails only or nails and glue was used. no screws. over time, the plywood moves up slightly causing creaking. if you have access to the bare floor, locate the joists underneath and put in sheetrock screws of 1 1/2 inch in length about every foot along the line - this should snug up the plywood sheets.