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No-Wax vinyl floor maintenance


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  • No-Wax vinyl floor maintenance


    I have a "no-wax" vinyl floor in my kitchen and dining room. It's about fifteen years old. I know it won't last forever, but replacing it is a huge hassle, or very expensive, so I try to maintain it properly.

    Every few years, I strip it, then apply a coat of sealer, such as TreWax Gold Label Sealer Wax. Today, I went to my usual big box hardware store to get more sealer wax. The guy in the flooring department says they don't carry sealer or wax for no-wax vinyl flooring. He says he's worked in the flooring department for several years, he's never heard of it. He added, "Why do you think they are called "no-wax floors"?

    I asked what people use to maintain and protect their vinyl floors. He recommended Armstrong Once N Done. He said it's all I need, and it is the only product recommended by Armstrong for their no-wax vinyl floors.

    Chances are, Once N Done is about the same stuff as Mop & Glo. I use Mop & Glo for routine cleaning and finishing, but it seems inadequate for sealing and restoring an older vinyl floor.

    Googling around, I find contradictory advice. I can't find sealer wax, of any brand, at any hardware store.

    As far as I can tell, it's probably best to strip the floor periodically, apply a coat or two of sealer and then use Once N Done or Mop & Glo for routine cleaning and finishing. But... I've been wrong before.

    I'm hoping to get a few expert opinions here. Thanks in advance.