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what tool do I use to take this out?

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  • what tool do I use to take this out?

    What do I use to take this screw in & out? In case the picture isnt clear enough, this is a screw with a square indention on top.
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    A square drive bit
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      There's a little kit you can get from Harbor Freight for a fair price that has many, many specialty bits. Square is just one of them. And yes, they do come in different sizes. Since your name is 'not very handy' (clever, by the way..) I'd suggest you get that kit. Also get a driver for those bits. Looks like a screw driver, but has a hex hole in the end that all those bits would fit into. A drill would work too. Whatever your wrist and wallet can afford.


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        Thanks everyone. I'm going to Harbor Freight (I didnt know there was a store nearby) tomorrow to get the bit drive and probably a few other things I didnt know I needed.


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          Don't forget the coupons!