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Cat Urine has soaked to the subfloor


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  • Cat Urine has soaked to the subfloor

    I have a cat urine issue in my master bathroom. The floor is a vinyl tile (the sticky kind, but really good quality). Cat urine has soaked under the tiles and is now in the subfloor. I have had professional cleaning services make attempts to clean and the results have not been good. My questions is this...I am really concerned about cost. Can the tiles be removed, the subfloor (over crawl space) cleaned/soaked, the sub floor sealed, the tiles cleaned front and back and possibly reapplied with an industrial glue? Structurally the sub floor is sound, just smelly!

    I need to add that I have moved and am trying to sell the house...I now live 1,500 miles away
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    I don't know if what you suggest could be done or not but it would probably be cheaper to just have someone come in remove the tiles and effected subfloor. The cost of replacing subflooring would probably be more economical than trying to clean the old and eliminate the smell. Once the old tile was up and new subfloor down you could just buy some sheet vinyl and have it installed. If you know a good handyman they could probably do all/most of the work and be much cheaper than hiring a carpenter and professional floor installer.

    A couple years ago I had a water heater leak. I got an estimate from a repair/mold remediation company that totaled about $25,000. Myself and a friend tore everything out, dried it out and treated the wood for mold, sealed it with Kilz and put it back together for about $3,000. That included replacing some drywall in a small utility room, and large walk-in closet. We also replaced the subfloor in the utility room, walk in closet, part of the bath and put new vinyl in the utility room, walk-in closet and large bath. A general contractor had given me an estimate of $48,500.
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