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spongy kitchen floor


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  • spongy kitchen floor

    The linoleum in my kitchen (I guess its linoleum). When walked on the floor it feels spongy. suggestions?

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    Is this a recent event?


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      Are you sure the sub floor hasn't been exposed to large amounts of water/moisture of any kind? About the only way to know for sure unless you've witnessed it is remove the linoleum and do a visual inspection. When I had a water heater leak in 2015 I had a large area where water seeped underneath the linoleum and caused damage/sponginess of the sub floor. I had to replace the sub floor in our utility room, large walk in closet and part of a large bathroom. I never saw water on top of the floor because the water was running under a seam in the linoleum between the utility room and walk in closet and was soaking into the sub floor. By the time I noticed the damage there was nothing to do but remove the damaged area and replace it with new materials.