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  • cement flooring

    Looking for do-it-self ideas to paint or stain master bedroom/bathroom floor (cement).

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    Use a silicone based sealer initially on the floor. Sweep up all dust!!! Vacuum the floor thoroughly! I don't know what you'll want for a finish, personally, I'd use clear urethane followed by paste wax buffed out.


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      You might want to take a good look at the floor to see if there are any dings or cracks in the concrete. You want to have a smooth finish when the paint dries....or I promise you, you will not be satisfied (take that to mean, I've been there).

      These little dings or cracks can be tough to fix because most of the stuff on the market is cementacious material, or powder and water mix. This stuff shrinks when it cures so you chance having the stuff pop out later and ruin your floor. I have used EZ-Poly Concrete Crack Filler made by RayCrete (google them at This filler material comes in a handy applicator bag and it cures pretty quick. You can sand it to a perfectly flat surface so that you don't have these dings show up in the paint.

      Good luck



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        check out this permanent way to color your concrete. This is one web site but there are plenty more

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