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Need help making my subfloor flat...


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  • Need help making my subfloor flat...

    I have a good amount of hills and valleys, most are 5/16 deep over 7' and I have one really bad hill thats over 1/2" high about a foot and a half in diameter. It looks like the concrete was poured a little too much where the edge of the wall and frame of the door is =(

    Im in a condo so its just a concrete floor. How the heck am I supposed to grind that chunk of the floor down?

    Do I really have to get to the 3/16" over 6' requirement that I read all over for laminate flooring?
    If so is there really any more detailed instructions with leveling compounds other than pouring it and moving a straightedge over it a few times?

    For the hill someone said to just drill a bunch of holes and chip it out. That'd be real fun =) Is there any better way?
    and after I hack the heck out of it do I just use leveling compound to flatten it out?

    Does anyone recommend a certain leveling compound?

    I guess IM just looking for general pointers, I didnt realize my subfloor was so bad =(

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    Easy fix - go and get some LEVEL-LASTIC and hardner. You can trowel this out to a neet 1/8th inch thickness or finer featheredge. Once mixed with the hardner it is a chocolate brown color. It will adhere to most surfaces and dry HARD!!