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Squeaky Stair Repair?


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  • Squeaky Stair Repair?

    Hi All. Does anyone have a trick for repairing squeaky stairs when: 1.) you have no access to the underside and 2.) you don't want to remove the carpet covering the stair?

    thanks! [B)]

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    There are special screws for just that purpose. They have sort off two heads on the screw shank. Just above the lower one the shank is thinned down some. As soon as it tightens up the two pieces of wood it snaps and the head is left flush in the wood and won't stick up through the carpet. Now I'll bet you'll want to know where to get these from. No idea! Maybe Home Depot or maybe a carpeting store or better yet (and most probably) somebody on this forum will know!


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      If your squeeky steps have tiny cracks where the step hits the riser board or backside of the previous riser, puff talcum powder in these cracks. This will lubricate the step so it doesn't squeek.