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How many layers of flooring?


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  • How many layers of flooring?

    How many layers of flooring can be put down before one must remove the old?

    I had ceramic tiles put down in the kitchen when we purchased the house 4 years ago. Due to water damage before we purchased the home, the kitchen floor had been removed. The ceramic tiles were installed over the sub-floor (on cement board, of course), so there is currently only one layer of flooring there.

    Now that it is time to renovate the entire kitchen, I am thinking that a new floor design is in the cards. If I want to put a new floor down, to I need to remove the ceramic tiles, or can I put another layer of floor over the tiles? If I need to remove the ceramic, how does one accomplish that? I would venture a guess that if the tiles have to come out, I have to cut out the sub-floor and replace it.

    I have installed ceramic tiles over ceramic tiles in a small bathroom, but I also removed a custom shower pan and concrete walls which decreased the weight of building material that had to be supported by the floor. In the kitchen, I won't be decreasing any weight, just adding.


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    Adding another layer of ceramic tiles will not effect the load bearing capability of the floor.
    If it were me I wouldn't add tile on top of tile and I'd never consider adding tile to tile on a floor situation. Not only is the bond between tile to tile not a great one, you are going to end up with all sorts of problems with height differences. Some of these differences can be compensated for (for example doorways...transition strips). The main problem areas are going to be at the cabinets, dishwasher, fridge etc...etc...

    If your going to remodel the entire kitchen, does that mean new cabinets?
    if so then after the old cabinets are removed you could chisel up the existing floor tiles, chisel off any highs in the remaining mortar and lay new tiles before the new cabinets are installed.
    The chiseling is not a quick job, but with the right tools and a little patience it will be worth the effort.
    Little about a lot and a lot about a little.
    Every day is a learning day.


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      Thanks for the comments. Any new cabinets will probably have a larger footprint than the existing ones. But, I have an air chisel and compressor, which I have used to remove a tiled wall. I guess I'll break out the goggles and chissel up the floor when I start replacing everything.


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        Sorry to be the bearer of extra work for you but I think you will be much happier when your done. Some things are simply worth the work.
        Little about a lot and a lot about a little.
        Every day is a learning day.


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          You'll be much happier if you take out the old floor. Otherwise, you'll go crazy working off of the height differences with the trim, cabinets, etc.


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            I up the old floor
            Do It Yourself
            water restoration