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  • Touching In Grout

    Hi all,

    This is my first post. I have used the search function to look for an answer but I can't find anything that relates to this smaller scale problem I have.

    In January I had my entire ground floor done in Cotto Slate-Effect porcelain tiles with an anthracite coloured grout. I have dogs so this is the easiest thing to maintain - especially when you have a slobbering Mastiff puppy!

    Anyway, I noticed this week in one of the grout joins a very small (3/4 inch long) space where some of the grout has chipped away - possibly due to my dogs or maybe it has just been caught funny or something. Anyway, It goes all the way down to the concrete floor underneath and I was wondering if I can just buy another bag of the same grout and "touch it in" rather than having to file out all round the tile? Will the new grout bond to the existing grout ok?

    It isn't a massive job but it is on the main walkway in the house so I can't move something to hide it. Additionally because I mop the entire floor regularly I was worred about excess moisture getting under the floor in that particular spot.

    Your advice will be appreciated!!

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    should be no problem just wet down the area before you put down the grout. being portland cement base it needs the moisture to cure.


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      grout touch up

      try cleaning the grout really good first with "sun oxygen cleaner"
      mix your new grout and rub that stuff hard into the area.

      let sit for a few minutes and wipe clean with clean water and sponge.

      after grout is dry, wipe off grout haze with clean cloth