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Baseboards on basement floor(curved)


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  • Baseboards on basement floor(curved)

    Hi there,

    Its too bad I didn't find this forum earlier, I just finished my basement, and did quite a lot of re-locating objects throughout the least now, I'm armed with knowledge and experience!

    Anyway, I am at the stage of installing baseboards, but the wall that was closet to the drain in the floor, has quite a dip in it. Unfortunately, the carpet is laid, and the wife would cut something off dear to me if I pulled it out and laid some cement down! ha ha

    I'm using a 5" tall baseboard, and it doesn't quite reach the carpet due to the dip in the floor. My question is: Should I be able to use several screws to secure the baseboard once I've bent it to the contour of the floor?? I'm using some LDF, not solid spruce.

    I'm just worried about ripping and tearing of the LFD basboard once its bent into place. It takes a considerable amount of force to get it to match the countour of the floor. Its about a 2" gap.

    Of course I guess I could use a thinner bseboard, but I kinda like the taller one...makes it look more "regal"...

    Anyway, some feedback and ideas would be nice,
    Thanks in advance!

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    How wide is the dip? I don't think I would try to bend the baseboard 2" in a narrow section. My opinion is to pour some concrete, it will look better.



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      Can you bend the baseboards just enough so that a strip of quarter round will cover the gap? That would be the easiest.

      Another option is to trace the contour of your floor, and then scroll saw the bottom of the baseboard to match. Sounds like too much work to me, though. I like the quarter round option better, if they will cover the gaps.

      See this post:

      Welcome to the forum!


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        All good suggestions.

        The wall is approx 10' wide, so the dip is not really too noticeable. The biggest gap, in the middle of the wall, is 2" from the bottom of the baseboard, to the carpet. I might just try getting it close as I can to the carpet, then using the quarter round to make up the difference in gap!

        Thanks for the great advice!