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How to choose laminate flooring?


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  • How to choose laminate flooring?

    Many people choose laminate flooring with their special purpose. But they don’t know which type of floor is suitable for them.
    Below is some suggestion to choose the suitable product for you:

    1. Choose hand scraped finish or feather grain surface if you like antique style.

    2. Choose 12mm thickness or laminate with attached underlayment if you like better foot feel.

    3. Check pressed V groove, painted V groove and UV-shine surface with 1-strip design if you like hardwood like appearance

    4. Check little embossed surface, middle embossed surface, big embossed surface and feather grain finish if you prefer rough surface.

    5. Check crystal finish, silk finish and UV-shine if you like smooth surface.

    6. Choose AC3 rating if laminate flooring is used for heavy domestic or moderate commercial purpose. And select AC2 rating if the purpose is light commercial or moderate commercial.

    7. Choose green core if you prefer stronger moisture resistance.

    8. Choose 8mm, 7mm or 6mm if you like lower price.
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    laminate flooring

    Great tips. I was just talking to someone at Home Depot who was pitching their laminate floors. They do look much better than they did years ago-- lots of selection.