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Help me in gardening!


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  • Help me in gardening!

    My girlfriend is an avid gardener and I know nothing about gardening at all. I want to learn a bit so that I can be helpful. I want to start by having a few houseplants. What is an easy plant for me to start with?

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    ivy or aloe plants are good. a small bonzai plant looks nice.


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      Thanks for Quick Reply


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        My wife keeps strawberry begonia, wandering Jew, spider plants, hens and chickens. All regenerative plants, [i]i.e.[i] plants that have young off shoots that can be potted on their own. Its like rabbits multiplying.
        I'm sure there are some better plants in your area. You might want to check with a gardening/landscaping pro.


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          There are a lot of resources for you out there to figure out what plants you could keep that are hardy.

          I think one of your best resources would be a plant shop. I would check in with local nurseries (if you have any) or maybe the major stores like Home Depot and Lowes. Tell them what you are looking for and they should be able to help.

          Sometimes your water company will be able to provide you information, either in a pamphlet or their website. I know my local water company had a number of pamphlets that had information about outdoor and indoor landscaping

          Of course to, just plugging into google "hardy indoor plants" should give you quite a listing.

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            I know that A hydroponic Store provide high-quality gardening supplies with fast, free, & discreet shipping.


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              so what is your question?


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                How to build up a quality gardening supplies?


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                  Go to Walmart's gardening center or Lowes or Home Depot and ask an associate there what's best.


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                    You can start with the following three

                    1. Aloe Vera
                    2. Cactaceae (Cacti)
                    3. Crassula ovata (Jade Plant)

                    I hope this will help