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Filling the gap on the tile floor in place of removed wall (foto)


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  • Filling the gap on the tile floor in place of removed wall (foto)

    I removed wall between kitchen and living room. Now a gap on the floor needs to be fixed (see photo) somehow so border from hardwood to tile (from living room to kitchen) will be seamless (will look nice and consistent). I don't plan to replace old tile on the kitchen this time and it's very unlikely that I will be able to find the same tile (this tile is about 20 years old). So the question is how to fill this gap, what are the my options?

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    What you have is a very difficult situation, you will not match the tile and will not match the parquet. My only suggestion would be to cut and mold a piece of wood of similar species to the parquet and try to stain it to match.
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      FLoor break...

      I would continue that 'patch' by removing the rest of the small strip of tiles from end to end, and to also cut the parquet back enough to provide a smooth line. This provides a nice, continuous opening for a strip of wood that would be a halfway color between the tile and parquet. My choice would be to match the dark of the tile though.


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        use a piece of wood and stain it as close to the tile shade as you can. then make marks perpendicular to the length of the wooden piece that matches the tiles grout spaces. Now the grout lines are gray so find a color shade that matches the gray and paint in the marks you cut in the board. finally finish the board the same glossy shade as the tiles and affix the board in place.


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          Have you tried a tile shop? I bet it's not impossible to find.